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Deming High School Robotics Team Wins First Place

The Deming High School Robotics Team Thundercats competed in the FIRST in Texas (FIT) Robotics Event, March 7 through 9 in Amarillo, Texas. The team arrived on Thursday evening where the team robot “The Walrus” was inspected and passed the safety and rule inspection. The team competed in several qualifying matches and posted 6 wins and 6 losses, seeding them in 15th place headed into the quarter finals. The team waited patiently during the alliance selection process and were not picked until the very last. The number 1 and 2 ranked teams selected the Thundercats with their robot “The Walrus” to form the Red Alliance. In the quarterfinals the alliance won the first match 95 to 48, and the second match 103 to 42. Advancing to the semifinals the Red Alliance won the first match 78 to 52 and the second match 120 to 46. During the final round, the Red Alliance won the first match 94 to 46 and the last match was won 61 to 57. The match was won through the combined scoring efforts of the Red Alliance and the defensive driving efforts of the Deming High School. Thundercats driver Angel Chafino proved pivotal in the victory, as his defensive abilities kept the opposing teams’ robots at bay, not allowing them to score.
“I am very pleased with the efforts of our team this year. We had a rough start and many new opportunities to learn. The team came together and was able to compete very well this year and this is the first time we have won any championship in FIRST Robotics. Well done team!” expressed David Wertz, Thundercats mentor.
The team consisted of the following members that competed in the FIT Robotics Competition: Mario Mendez, Angel Chafino, Amad Alsheikh, Carlos Emilio Hultsch Martinez, Alejandra Orosco, Melody Ruebush, and Byron Wertz. The mentors for the Deming High School Robotics team are David Wertz, David Jaramillo, and Teresa Hutts.
“The Deming Public Schools Activities Office would like to congratulate the Deming High School Robotics team on receiving 1st place in Amarillo this past weekend. We would like to thank Mr. David Wertz and his staff for spending countless hours teaching our students perseverance and how to pursue excellence. We are excited to have programs such as Robotics in Deming, which help foster a positive learning environment and high level of expectations.” stated Bernie Chavez, Athletic/Activities Director for Deming Public Schools.

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MVHS Student Leadership Council
MVHS Student Leadership Council
Jaylynn Moreno, Katie Hobbs, Brittany Reyes, Secretary: Josiah Lopez, Carissa, Co-President: Evelyn Cano, and Julissa Tena
2018 School Report Card!

Daily Schedule & Information

4 months ago

New this year will be a block schedule which allows students to focus on only 4 classes each semester with longer class times.

This also allows students to earn 8 credits per year vs. 7 at the big high school.

Each day will start with Big Group to go over announcements, expectations and special events such as guest speakers or college presentations.

Daily Schedule School Year 2018-19
Time Length Period
8:20-8:35 15 min Big Group
8:39-10:12 93 min 1
10:16-11:49 93 min 2
    11:49-12:34 45 min Lunch
12:34-2:07 93 min 3
2:11-3:44 93 min 4
Total Instruction Time 380 min


MVHS runs on the same bus schedule as DHS and is provided by Deming Public Schools. Students who ride the bus will be released no more than 5 minutes early to walk over to the bus pickup line on Wildcat Drive. 

A Late Bus makes a run to Columbus and the Port of Entry at 6:00pm for students who stay after school for study or activities. 

Graduating Class of 2018
Spirit Week at MVHS!
Spirit Week at MVHS!
The Makeup Contest!
First Ever Powderpuff: MVHS vs. ECHS!!
Group photo of both schools together on soccer field!
Student Nutrition Menu
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Announcement from the Deming Public Schools Truancy Office
At Deming Public Schools, we recognize that attendance is vital for student’s academic success. In order to achieve this goal, we need your support. We are excited to announce that parents now have the option to email their child’s excuse to the schools attendance office.
Simply go to your student’s school website and click on the email link listed. Each school’s attendance clerk will check the email daily and verify with the parent that they sent the email.
Email addresses listed below:
____ ___ ____ ___ ____ ___ ____ _______
En las Escuelas Públicas de Deming, reconocemos que la asistencia es vital para el éxito académico
de los estudiantes. Para lograr este objetivo, necesitamos su apoyo. Estamos encantados de anunciar que los padres ahora tienen la opción de enviar por correo electrónico la excusa de su hijo a la oficina de asistencia de la escuela.
Simplemente vaya al sitio web de la escuela de su estudiante y haga clic en el enlace de correo electrónico que se indica. El empleado de asistencia de cada escuela revisará el correo electrónico diariamente y verificará con el padre que envió el correo electrónico.
Las direcciones de correo electrónico se enumeran a continuación:
Bataan Elementary:

Bell Elementary:

Chaparral Elementary:

Columbus Elementary:

Memorial Elementary:

Ruben S. Torres Elementary:

Deming Intermediate School:

Red Mountain Middle School:

Deming High School:

Mimbres Valley High School:

Early College High School:
Purpose Statement
District Purpose Statement

We believe that the purpose is to achieve immediate, sustained, and dramatic change towards high quality instruction. Deming Public Schools shall stay the course in creating a model that develops instructional leaders who impact our students, district, and community through the intentionally building of collaborative structures and curriculum that support high expectations and rigorous instruction, which will increase the success of ALL students.

Mimbres Valley High School Purpose Statement

We believe that the purpose is to inspire all our students to meet our high expectations to graduate and successfully transition to post-secondary goals. We will relate to disconnected students, be flexible in differentiating, have high instructional rigor, and empower self-reliant, self-advocating graduates. We will connect with the parents and families of our students so that we’re working together to fulfill this purpose.